Gongol.com Archives: March 2014

Brian Gongol

March 31, 2014

Weather and Disasters Just a little windy in Iowa today
Peak gust: 57 mph in Stanhope. Des Moines had 49 miles an hour.

Computers and the Internet How Kansas City got Google Fiber

Broadcasting Cadillac and Ford show signs of fight
Ford's out with an ad that spoofs a Cadillac ad. A good rivalry can bevery good for sharpening businesses.

Computers and the Internet Stock market reacted badly to Facebook's latest acquisition
The people who should really be upset are the ones who were suckered into crowdfunding Oculus in the first place. The tech-company acquisition spree shows no sign of petering out. Facebook may just be trying to diversify in anticipation of troubles ahead monetizing their classic marketing options.

Computers and the Internet Backup cameras in all US cars by 2018

News Montreal sure seems to want its baseball back

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