Gongol.com Archives: April 2014

Brian Gongol

April 1, 2014

Business and Finance High-frequency trading gets the spotlight
High-frequency traders aren't doing anything of net value to society. It doesn't mean their activity should be illegal, but it does mean they're parasites. And when challenged, watch how emotions escalate.

The United States of America Where to find the nation's baseball allegiances
Facebook has been collecting and analyzing the data

Computers and the Internet COO Sheryl Sandberg cuts her stake in Facebook
Conventional executive pay at Facebook dropped last year, but the real concern is how they've been launching enormous bags of cash at acquisitions. One gets the sense that some of the shine has worn off as the company has tried to remain both socially relevant and profitable.

Computers and the Internet How Google celebrated April Fool's Day
Seems like it's pretty much a company holiday

Humor and Good News How to lose a wing-eating contest
(Video) If you're up against a ringer, you probably don't have a chance

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