Gongol.com Archives: April 2014

Brian Gongol

April 15, 2014

Science and Technology Toyota promises more than a dozen cars to use the Atkinson-cycle engine by 2015
It's expected to be 30% more fuel-efficient than conventional engine designs

News Are college adjunct instructors badly underpaid?
Students pay rapidly-rising prices for education. The instructors say they're wildly underpaid. There's a market failure at work here, and someone's going to get rich for resolving it. A consultant calls it "alarming" that 70% of faculty are adjuncts. The current tenure system looks like a serious roadblock to fixing the problem.

Science and Technology Transparent, conductive, flexible, and cheap: Graphene could be the wonder material

Science and Technology Early outreach to get girls into science and engineering
We're not doing ourselves any favors as a society if the culture discourages 50% from using their natural abilities

Business and Finance Which prices are inflated and which aren't
It's quite lumpy -- not evenly distributed

Business and Finance So far, Volvo hasn't fallen apart under Chinese ownership
One wonders whether that is more or less scary to many people than the prospect of a quick failure. If China manages not to squander the spoils of its successes, then it might really be "here to stay" on the top tier of economies

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