Gongol.com Archives: April 2014

Brian Gongol

April 26, 2014

Business and Finance Microsoft finishes purchase of Nokia's phone business
For $7.5 billion. Microsoft can afford to take the risk, and Nokia wanted out.

The United States of America George Will on the origins of rights
He is right about the primacy of natural rights before the mechanisms of self-government. But one might take issue with characterizing it as a difference over process -- acknowledging the boundaries of a process is just as important as the execution of it

Business and Finance Texas: Don't blow this oil boom
Any natural-resources bonanza is destined to end some day.

News Taxi substitutes turn Nebraska's public services commission into a competitive election

Computers and the Internet Atari-game graveyard excavated
An "E.T."-themed game was such a flop, they buried the cartridges

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