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Brian Gongol

May 11, 2014

Computers and the Internet Twitter co-founder says he's in it for the long run
That's fair, and quite probably a sincere belief. But the company still isn't making money, and the stock market isn't looking too kindly upon that loss-making (now entering its fifth straight year. One thing everyone should know about investing is that Nobody schedules an IPO to be good for buyers. IPOs are timed for maximum benefit to the sellers. People usually pursue an IPO for one of three reasons: (1) They're forced to do so upon reaching a legally-defined number of shareholders (Microsoft, for instance, had to go public because of the number of employees who owned shares); (2) they need to raise cash for expansion plans (which, in today's unprecedented environment of near-zero interest rates, is a rare thing); or (3) the insiders believe the company has reached its point of maximum hype relative to potential. And that's why nobody should rush to buy shares of Alibaba in its forthcoming IPO.

Computers and the Internet "Jet" is going all-digital
Times are tough for publications that go with words printed on a physical page, but that's no reason for the institutions themselves to die off. Jet is moving to a digital model.

The United States of America The Vice President wants to position himself as a leftist
He's probably running for the White House (again) in 2016, and it looks like he wants to do so as a left-wing populist

Broadcasting Barbara Walters is retiring this week

Weather and Disasters Fake, overstated, and overused weather pictures

Computers and the Internet Cybersecurity goes far beyond just antivirus protection
The worst thing that computer users can do is become complacent...and that's a major reason to worry about Mac enthusiasts who think they're impervious to attack because of the platform they use. Today's threats (and those of the future) are going to approach from directions that antivirus doesn't protect and that the Mac OS doesn't defend. Everyone who wishes to continue using technology needs to consider understanding the threats about as well as they should understand medicine: You should know how to perform first aid, and be at least informed enough that you can engage your doctor in decision-making. That's a tall order, but in the modern world, it's inescapable.

Broadcasting Show notes: The Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - May 11, 2014
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