Gongol.com Archives: May 2014

Brian Gongol

May 12, 2014

Health Polio is on the rise
It's an emergency of global consequence, since herd immunity is essential to keeping us all safe

The United States of America A Rorschach test for party platforms
The left prefers to talk about "fairness" and "equality"; the right, more about "freedom" and "liberty"

Broadcasting CBS will be worse-off without Craig Ferguson around
He managed to show that late-night television could be funny and silly, but also (when needed) quite thoughtful

News AP to reporters: Keep it under 500 words
It would seem that Reuters has issued the same guidelines. Anyone who's ever written for broadcast knows that 500 words is quite enough to tell a decent story. That's not to deny that some stories demand more, but when reporting the news, there's no reason to go for a John Galt monologue.

Broadcasting How they animate "Archer"

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