Gongol.com Archives: May 2014

Brian Gongol

May 31, 2014

Business and Finance When Harvard grads flock to Wall Street, the market might be getting overheated

Aviation News Volcanic eruption in Indonesia shuts down flights in northern Australia

Humor and Good News Are Disney villains going soft?

Humor and Good News Super Mario's new "kart" is a Mercedes

Socialism Doesn't Work China's President Xi plans tighter controls on religion and forced ethnic assimilation in China's west

Business and Finance A math-heavy way of debunking the work of most (but not quite all) stock-pickers
Most of them add very little value at all when managing other people's money...but they're still paid dearly for it, because most people don't understand that they're getting screwed

Computers and the Internet Google intends to shame ISPs into faster service with YouTube video-quality index

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