Gongol.com Archives: June 2014

Brian Gongol

June 10, 2014

Computers and the Internet European taxi drivers protest (massively) against Uber
Nobody can blame the cab drivers for trying to protect their livelihood -- but to the extent that regulations protecting their cartel only raise rates (as opposed to protecting public safety), the public is under no obligation to extend the protections indefinitely

Computers and the Internet Hackers break into electronic highway signs
Mischief for now, but a warning sign of the threat to public infrastructure that depends upon Internet access. Very little of it is adequately secured.

Business and Finance A better credit card is coming soon
It's called EMV (Europay/Mastercard/Visa), and it should substantially reduce fraud in physical stores. Online? Perhaps not so much.

Business and Finance Interest rates remain extremely low by historical standards
And a bunch of investment banks made the wrong bet by anticipating (perhaps rationally) that rates had to rise. They haven't, and now the banks are getting scorched.

Health Conjoined twins, separated, 18 years later
Just one of many areas of medicine that have gotten a lot better in recent decades without much fanfare