Gongol.com Archives: August 2014

Brian Gongol

August 13, 2014

News Death of Robin Williams brings spotlight to America's crisis of suicides

Business and Finance Giant slide sells at Iowa State Fair for half a million dollars
But the prior owner says he was making that in profits about every two years. For the record: If you have a business that pays for itself in two years, don't sell it to the Iowa State Fair -- operators are standing by and waiting for your call.

News Red-light camera corruption now faces real justice in Chicago

News PR people get paid more than journalists, on average, and the gap is growing
And there are a lot more of them

Computers and the Internet Microsoft offers a much better first-person time-lapse algorithm
Enough people are running around with Go Pro cameras and other first-person video recorders that they're becoming quite the genre. But the videos can be jerky and hard to watch -- so they've figured out how to smooth the flow of the video so that it moves from perfect first-person into more of a synthesized, stabilized follower.

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