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Brian Gongol

August 17, 2014

News How Tokyo seeks to dispose of tens of millions of gallons of water
Stormwater collection, retention, and disposal is one of the public-works challenges that many cities have under-examined for far too long because it isn't very sexy

News More signs around Wrigley Field?
Neighboring rooftop owners are suing to stop them. This is a classic case of the need for well-defined property rights -- feeding what economists call the Coase Theorem.

News (Probably) unconscious racism in news headlines

Threats and Hazards How ISIL is even worse than Al Qaeda

News 30 people try getting into the UK via shipping containers
Imagine how awful life must be for a high-risk illegal immigration via shipping container to be the better alternative to staying

Broadcasting Radio show notes: Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - August 17, 2014

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