Gongol.com Archives: August 2014

Brian Gongol

August 23, 2014

Weather and Disasters More of the region around Yellowstone is at risk of a big earthquake than previously thought
And with more people living there and visiting than the last time there was a big earthquake, the impact could be magnified a lot

The United States of America 65 possible contenders for President in 2016

Business and Finance Uber hires President Obama's former campaign manager as SVP of "policy and strategy"
It doesn't say good things about the state of the economy that companies feel the need to bring in marquee political names in order to get the kind of political favor they need to survive. That signals an economy that's subject to the whims of politicians, not one in which markets are free to reward good ideas and punish poor performers.

Iowa Sioux City loses Frontier Airlines service once again
They're hoping it isn't a permanent discontinuation

Broadcasting Radio show notes: WHO Radio Wise Guys - August 23, 2014