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Brian Gongol

September 3, 2014

Broadcasting Radio show notes - In for Jan Mickelson on WHO Radio - September 3, 2014
Listen again to the first-hour interview with the author of "Driving Honda" or to the second-hour discussion about making sure the celebrity nude-photo leak doesn't happen to you.

Computers and the Internet Be on the lookout for scams hitchhiking on the celebrity nude-photo leak

News Lots of layoffs at USA Today
Something like 10% of the workforce is gone

Health Google gets smart -- teaming up with a pharmaceutical maker
They're going to focus on drugs related to diseases that hit the elderly. Google has an inherent skillset at anything involving lots of computation, and drug-making is one of those subjects. They won't be the world's dominant search engine forever, so finding ways to apply their core skillset in other areas is a very wise decision.

The United States of America How seriously will we take NATO obligations to protect the Baltic states?

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