Gongol.com Archives: October 2014

Brian Gongol

October 1, 2014

Business and Finance Bill Clinton sees that it's time to reform corporate taxes
Clinton came from a business-friendly wing of the Democratic party that the current administration has aggressively sent into exile, so we're wasting time blathering about "inversions" instead of fixing the real problem. That's not the way they would fix a faulty car design at a place like Honda, and it's not the way we should fix a faulty economic system. Ask why things you don't like are happening, and keep asking "Why?" until you get to an ultimate cause...then fix it.

Business and Finance August's personal-savings rate: 5.4%
Could have been higher, but at least it's above zero. Bodes well for the future if we can be consistent about it.

Humor and Good News 49ers wide receiver drafts a "Fantasy You" team via Twitter
A hilarious gag, really

Computers and the Internet Steve Ballmer doesn't want the LA Clippers using Apple products
Can you blame him? He's the largest individual shareholder in Microsoft.

Computers and the Internet Google's watching you from above
Or at least, they're floating balloons to provide broadband Internet serve

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