Gongol.com Archives: October 2014

Brian Gongol

October 9, 2014

Business and Finance Demand falling, production rising: Recipe for lower oil prices is coming together
And there's no doubt it's having a positive effect on the US economy. We're getting lucky right now, and there's no guarantee the luck will last indefinitely. It should also be noted that corn is cheap right now, and ethanol production is high.

Business and Finance Marchionne thinks the auto industry needs a carmaker bigger than Toyota
And he sees mergers as the way to get there. Given the enormous debt that Fiat undertook to swallow Chrysler, they're going to have to be both good and lucky to survive...so perhaps we should temper our enthusiasm for megamergers.

Iowa When to see the peak in fall colors in Iowa

Computers and the Internet Construction continues on Apple's new world headquarters

Iowa An old tradition returns to the University of Iowa
A tower decorated with corn