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Brian Gongol

October 25, 2014

News How the Toronto Globe and Mail addressed the Parliament Hill attack with grace and class

Humor and Good News Why you should hate Buzzfeed
(Rough language)

The United States of America The best political name ever?
Lacey Merica is running for re-election to the Omaha school board. But with a name like "Merica", she's probably aiming too low. On a related note, how is it possible that in 2014 there are still candidates everywhere for all kinds of offices who don't even bother to have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn presence, much less an official campaign website? It's incomprehensible.

News Why everyone should know self-defense: Case study #13
An Air Force lieutenant stops a man from killing his mother and himself in a Walmart store. The airman had a gun on him -- but what if he had not? The perpetrator was carrying a knife.

News Why everyone should know self-defense: Case study #14
The police won't always help you. Even if they're standing right there with guns drawn.

Computers and the Internet Company directors may be abusing the "right to be forgotten"
European law tells Google that it has to take down certain links from its search results upon request when the material becomes "irrelevant" to the subject. Fortune Magazine points out that a lot of British and Spanish company directors have asked that their content be taken down, probably because it would show that their businesses failed. Meanwhile, the BBC is going to start publishing a list of stories that are being pulled from the Google index in order to protect the "right to remember" on behalf of the public.

News And while we're distracted elsewhere...
...China is starting up a development bank for projects in Asia. China's foreign ministry says "China is doing this to promote solidarity". The United States has reason to be apprehensive about this kind of influence-peddling.

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