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Brian Gongol

November 2, 2014

Broadcasting Show notes: The Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - November 2, 2014

Agriculture Corn is still king in Iowa, but at half-price, it's holding down some of the economy

News Chicago Sun-Times attempts to launch a national news network
They're trying to start up a national-scale, localizable site with a partner in each of the 50 states.

Broadcasting Does television have to be original to be good?
Columnist Phil Rosenthal argues that sometimes you're best off duplicating a model that has worked before. See the book "Copycats" for another angle on the same argument.

Agriculture Four ways to make farming better in poor places
Bill Gates's list is interesting -- the most interesting is the use of videos showing farmers how to do things better and raise more crops. It's interesting to note how important a sensitivity to the local culture can be towards getting people to adopt practices that will help them.

News The view from the new World Trade Center

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