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Brian Gongol

November 9, 2014

The United States of America America remains the world's most attractive place for investment

Computers and the Internet Irish group uses fake profiles on Tinder to highlight sex trafficking

Business and Finance KC Federal Reserve says the Midwest manufacturing economy is "sluggish"

Computers and the Internet Facebook tweaks the news feed to make it easier to throttle back individuals
Social media have made it much too easy to find out who's a lot crazier than you might have guessed from real-life encounters. Facebook is wise to insert this tool -- probably long-overdue, really -- since the problem with any online tool is that people can easily declare "bankruptcy" of sorts on their accounts. When MySpace got too overbearing, people just left.

News China's putting $40 billion into a "silk road" project
More money being spent on infrastructure to expand influence across Asia. They have loads of cash, low-return options for domestic investment, and a serious need to sustain economic growth by any and all means. We'll see more big announcements like this.

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