Gongol.com Archives: November 2014

Brian Gongol

November 29, 2014

News The firing of Secretary Hagel
Long story short: It doesn't come from a position of strength for the White House

Health A fight at the University of Iowa Hospitals over scrubs

Threats and Hazards We live in a world where children aren't even free to dance
Protests in Iran are now taking the form of spontaneous dance -- because it isn't allowed

News The need for better "explainers" in the media
Reporting is one thing; contextualizing is something else. Both are essential.

Threats and Hazards "60 Minutes" examines America's short-sightedness with our infrastructure
We've coasted for far too long, and that's only making the necessary repairs more costly. People need to realize that deferred maintenance and depreciation are real costs.

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