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Brian Gongol

December 12, 2014

Iowa Iowa Department of Education clamps down on early school start dates

Threats and Hazards Russia's "unprecedented" behavior in the Baltic
It's not unprecedentedly friendly. Meanwhile, the White House insists that there is no plan to send ground troops back to Iraq. While that may be superficially satisfying, it's probably not a great idea to telegraph to our enemies what we just won't do.

Business and Finance Oil prices fall and stocks go along for the tumble
It's been a whole lot of pain on paper this week. There's speculation that world oil demand will be down in 2015, and that has people worried that the global economy may be headed for trouble.

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin gives farewell address

Computers and the Internet Why political campaigns use Twitter
They don't expect to change voters' minds...they want to manipulate the spin. Not a huge surprise.

Broadcasting Show notes for WHO Radio - December 12, 2014
Live from 4pm to 6pm CT on WHO Radio

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