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Brian Gongol

December 13, 2014

Threats and Hazards The terrible humanitarian crisis in Syria and Iraq

Computers and the Internet Woman sent to prison for five years for promoting terrorism on Facebook
She lives in the UK, and inciting terrorism -- even if she's trying to incite it in Syria -- is against the law there

Computers and the Internet Firefox dumps Google search for Yahoo
An interesting move; Yahoo hasn't really been a meaningful independent player in search for some time. But Firefox, which is trying a sort of brand-reboot after having given up quite a lot of ground to the Google Chrome browser, is now in a five-year agreement with Yahoo to provide Yahoo as the default search engine (while still listing others). Yahoo, meanwhile, is reciprocating by encouraging users of its properties to "upgrade" to Firefox.

Computers and the Internet YouTube builds in a GIF maker
A smart adaptation to new uses of old technology. There's nothing new about GIFs, but people are using them in lots of social-media applications that otherwise don't allow for easy video consumption.

Science and Technology An awesome visualization of the phases of the Moon

Computers and the Internet Heavy rains knocked out power to San Francisco, and that hurts the tech industry

Computers and the Internet Seagate rolls out 8-terabyte hard drive for $260

Health We're screwing up anti-microbial treatments, and it's going to have costly consequences

Computers and the Internet Google is pulling its engineering operations out of Russia
Rumor has it the company doesn't want to have to follow a law that requires them to store data about Russian users on Russian-based computers

Computers and the Internet Google's core revenues from search-related advertising may be tapering off

Iowa Farewell to the Merle Hay Cinema

News Washington Post says President Obama had the worst year in Washington
And he largely brought it upon himself

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