Gongol.com Archives: January 2015

Brian Gongol

January 7, 2015

News The freedom to satirize is as meaningful a human right as the freedom to worship in peace

Business and Finance Big colleges usually fail when hiring new football coaches
And yet the salary inflation in the coaching sector outstrips the increase in virtually anything else one can imagine. It's time to end the travesty.

Humor and Good News The travel of a sci-fi future with the style of the past
Someone at NASA has had great fun coming up with posters promoting future space travel in the style of the great 1920s/1930s design motif

Computers and the Internet How to report the "help desk" phone scam
Americans are getting telephone calls from people pretending to represent Microsoft and other big names in computing, and in the process of those calls they seek to intimidate the victim into loading malware onto their own computers

Weather and Disasters The impact of the Great Lakes on land temperatures
It's stark