Gongol.com Archives: February 2015

Brian Gongol

February 3, 2015

Business and Finance The world has challenges, but we're getting better at solving them
The bad news gets the headlines, but the good news is voluminous

Computers and the Internet Syrian rebels trapped by cyber honeypot scheme
People are often the weakest link in computer security

Threats and Hazards Another Chinese crackdown against the Internet
People in China sometimes use VPN services to get around the government's "Great Firewall". So now the government is trying to block the VPNs.

Computers and the Internet Raspberry Pi 2 is revealed
It's a $35 kit containing the innards of a computer -- no monitor, keyboard, or SD card slot, but with a quad-core CPU and a gigabyte of RAM.

Threats and Hazards Authoritarianism is back in Russia