Gongol.com Archives: March 2015

Brian Gongol

March 26, 2015

Threats and Hazards Don't feed the trolls
The Al Qaeda offshoot that's wrecking parts of Syria and Iraq has declared a threat against specific members of the US military. Some have responded to the threat with their own bombast. While we definitely shouldn't be cowed by despicable acts and sub-human behavior, it's also rarely good practice to feed Internet trolls.

Business and Finance A sign that money is too cheap
A 77-story apartment tower is being planned for Queens. 77 stories? That could only remotely happen under conditions of easy money. Too-easy money.

Computers and the Internet Health care goes online...but not without hiccups and headaches
Some health-related information is being put online due to government mandate; other information is going there just because that's where everything is going anyway. But for a variety of reasons, the security isn't what it could be, and that's putting us at risk of what the Washington Post calls "the year of the health care attack".

Computers and the Internet Who uses which social media?
Facebook is pretty balanced across all age groups, but Snapchat definitely is not

Computers and the Internet Twitter introduces "Periscope" for live video streams
Right on the heels of a rival application called Meerkat

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