Gongol.com Archives: May 2015

Brian Gongol

May 13, 2015

News Estonia practices largest war games ever
The tiny NATO member has reason to be alarmed about Russia

Threats and Hazards Why everyone should know self-defense: Case study #19
Someone fired a gun inside a Megabus from Chicago to Minneapolis and other passengers had to subdue him. You simply don't always have time to call the police. Related: A student at the University of Iowa photographed women with the tools they carry to protect themselves.

News Secretary Clinton's hostile relationship with the press

Science and Technology Consumer Reports names ten cars likely to last for 200,000 miles
Every one of them is a Toyota or a Honda

Threats and Hazards The little tyrant
North Korea's defense chief has been murdered by the state. Speculation abounds that a coup had been plotted.

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