Gongol.com Archives: May 2015

Brian Gongol

May 21, 2015

Business and Finance Are people finally putting collegiate compensation in perspective?
Legislators in Illinois are figuring out that their college presidents are getting perks that are out of touch with reality. ESPN has noticed that Charlie Weiss is being paid more money to not coach the Notre Dame football team than the current coach is being paid. And the Omaha World-Herald has done the math and calculates that Bo Pelini has a $737-an-hour job as the fired football coach at the University of Nebraska.

Business and Finance What real-estate bubble?
Towers being built all around Central Park in New York City are going ever-higher at ever-higher prices. Money is cheap and markets outside the United States aren't wildly attractive -- that's making speculation a little too attractive.

Business and Finance World incomes are getting a lot better on the low end

News Ricketts family buys three more Wrigleyville rooftops

News Your name in a different generation
A clever use of Social Security name data

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