Gongol.com Archives: June 2015

Brian Gongol

June 12, 2015

Business and Finance Generation X gets the worst of things when it comes to money
Bad luck hasn't done much to help them

Threats and Hazards Someone needs to start thinking hard about what happens if ISIS/ISIL/QSIL/Daesh manages to permanentize as a state
No sensible person wants it to happen, but what's the roadmap to keep it from happening? Nobody seems to know, and that's a big problem. And what happens if they manage to make it permanent?

Agriculture A commercial-scale hydroponic garden is working in Omaha
Right in the middle of the Midwest, someone is working on a precursor to vertical farming. That might suggest that the future of vertical farming is much more likely than it may at first appear.

News China's military is growing
We don't have to be allies and we don't have to be rivals, but we shouldn't ignore where they're investing heavily

Business and Finance NBA and Nike: A $1 billion, 8-year deal
Adidas is walking away from its relationship with the league in 2017