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Brian Gongol

June 14, 2015

Business and Finance "Why I defaulted on my student loans"
A writer who is at least in his mid-50s and who has published five books thinks it isn't his job to pay his student loans. And he "is writing a memoir about money", according to his New York Times biography. This is not an individual who has anything constructive to add to the discussion about student loans. He's simply taking pride in his own irresponsibility.

Business and Finance Fiat Chrysler really, really wants another merger

Threats and Hazards A good example of the needless waste of human potential in American corrections

Business and Finance Marriott will launch Netflix access in 100 hotels by year-end
Hotel guests' tastes have changed; one wonders why this has taken so long

Business and Finance A collection of productivity tools

Socialism Doesn't Work Finland's economic situation -- not so grand
Those who have fallen all over themselves for a long time to praise the Nordic social economies might want to reconsider. There are certain specific circumstances under which a strongly socialized economy can be sustained, but when important elements go missing, the system falls apart.

Broadcasting Show notes - Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - June 14, 2015

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