Gongol.com Archives: June 2015

Brian Gongol

June 19, 2015

Computers and the Internet Microsoft's upcoming Edge browser should be much improved
Standards have won at last

Computers and the Internet China had a year of unfettered access to OPM database
Everyone seems to have an excuse -- antiquated computers, slow procurement policies, and the like. The time for decisive action is long overdue.

Computers and the Internet EU plans to hold websites responsible for what users post

News FCC says carriers can block robocalls
Just wait -- this only means more awful calls from spoofed numbers

Computers and the Internet FCC wants to fine AT&T $100 million for lack of transparency on "unlimited" data plans
The carrier says it has to throttle back customers who are responsible for the heaviest use; the FCC says the problem is that can't really be called "unlimited"

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