Gongol.com Archives: June 2015

Brian Gongol

June 22, 2015

Business and Finance American business should prepare itself for a congestion crisis
Supply chains that break down can spell death to businesses

The United States of America Take down the Confederate flag from South Carolina state grounds

Computers and the Internet Don't let your domain names expire
They're cheap. Once you reserve a name, you'd better be committed to holding on.

Business and Finance Supreme Court decides in favor of the small farmer who wants out from the raisin cartel

Science and Technology Pebble Time now open for pre-orders

The United States of America On the malappropriation of Native American identity
While many are guilty of adopting the superficial trappings without any deeper understanding (fetishizing things like feathered headdress without any real engagement with American Indian culture), there's also the complex and curious case of those who are descended from First Nations but who were culturally cut off from their heritage by aggressive tactics of assimilation.

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