Gongol.com Archives: June 2015

Brian Gongol

June 23, 2015

Business and Finance Retailers drop the Confederate flag
In many ways, the retail-level decision-making is actually much more important culturally than anything done at the legal level. If Amazon.com and Walmart decide that something is too toxic to sell, then they're literally putting their money at risk in making the decision.

Business and Finance Durable goods orders have dropped in three of the last four months
That paints a highly worrying picture of the economy

The United States of America Ben Bernanke agrees: Kick Jackson off the twenty
Leave Alexander Hamilton in his place on the $10 bill

Science and Technology Google's health-tracking wristband
Big deal? Maybe. Too much privacy encroachment for some? For sure.

Computers and the Internet IBM's "Chef Watson" goes to a more public stage
As of today, it moves to a public Facebook group and more open access

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