Gongol.com Archives: September 2015

Brian Gongol

September 3, 2015

News A mass crisis, summed up in one little person's tragedy
If your reaction to the death of a child who drowned while trying to escape Syria is anything but heartbreak, you need to readjust your thinking

News Why Europe has so many refugees trying to get in
Human-caused disasters in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East and Northern Africa are leaving tens of thousands on the run

Science and Technology The near-term outlook for electric cars
They're coming soon to a mass market

Business and Finance Why Berkshire Hathaway reinvests all of its profits at MidAmerican
A guaranteed 11% return on equity is a huge incentive to reinvest. That's contributed heavily to Iowa's wind-generation boom.

Business and Finance Where are America's STEM jobs, and how much do they pay?