Gongol.com Archives: October 2015

Brian Gongol

October 11, 2015

News If ever there were a case for government to try harder to do better
...it's the heartbreaking way in which American Indians have been treated

Science and Technology Where's the PIN in "chip-and-PIN"?
The whole point of making credit cards more secure is being negated by our failure to use the PIN system. Without the PIN, the chip is really too much just for show.

Business and Finance Union pension funds in big trouble
As with too many pension funds, the problems have been apparent for a long, long time

Business and Finance Good social relations at work
Sure, it's good to have friends at work. But we also should make sure that we're doing "work" in a way that respects the need for people to have "off-work" lives, too.

News Britain's new left-wing party leader is a small-"R" republican
And he may be wrong about a lot, but he's right about that

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