Gongol.com Archives: December 2015

Brian Gongol

December 15, 2015

News The world "has not grown harder: just more foolish and selfish"
How we treat refugees says a lot about our humanity

Science and Technology Why government needs to evolve with the pace of technology
We don't necessarily need more democracy -- people are inclined to make stupid decisions, especially when decision-making isn't their particular strength -- but we do need to make sure that laws and regulations keep pace with the real world.

Science and Technology Ford will put Gorilla Glass in the new GT

Aviation News Northrup Grumman touts its 2030s-era fighter jet of the future
Probably jumping the gun a little bit...maybe we should get the F-22 working flawlessly first.

Business and Finance The Midwest continues to experience deflation
Fun in the very short term, maybe. But a real hazard in the long term, since it tends to discourage people from spending money, which is more or less that upon which the entire economy relies.

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