Gongol.com Archives: December 2015

Brian Gongol

December 24, 2015

Broadcasting Apple still wants you to get Apple TV -- but restrain expectations of a revolution
Content providers still aren't feeling an urgent push to deliver their content via an on-demand model via Apple, so the big incentive simply doesn't exist

Humor and Good News They just wanted tacos
Las Vegas restaurant owner turns security-camera footage of a break-in into a YouTube ad, complete with mocking captions

Threats and Hazards Ukraine could be in really bad shape
Political turbulence is causing economic misbehavior that could destabilize the long-term future of the country

News Police departments lose their "asset forfeiture" winnings to the Federal government
It's all a highly suspicious practice anyway, but it's alarming to hear that cities are depending on the funding

Business and Finance Billions of dollars are leaving US mutual funds
Maybe people are just doing some year-end tax management, but it's not a great symbol

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