Gongol.com Archives: December 2015

Brian Gongol

December 30, 2015

Business and Finance 2015: The year investors didn't make any money

News Bill Cosby charged with assault
The case is from 2004

News George Pataki drops out of 2016 race

Aviation News Russia views SpaceX as a competitor

Computers and the Internet Twitter imposes new rules to cut off hate speech, intimidation, and harassment
There's simply no perfect solution for companies like Twitter. The new language codifies a philosophy that intimidation is as rivalrous to free speech as explicit censorship. And yet there's the ironic condition that letting hateful people use platforms like Twitter for speech makes them easier to find, call out, and counteract. Sometimes, it's even useful to let terrorists tweet (it can help identify where to drop bombs, just for example). The problem is that services like Twitter and Facebook land on a nebulous boundary between "open" and "closed" societies and ways of thinking. The evildoers who wants closedness also want to take advantage of the tools of openness.

Weather and Disasters El Nino to really screw up our weather in 2016

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