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Brian Gongol

June 19, 2015

Computers and the Internet Microsoft's upcoming Edge browser should be much improved
Standards have won at last

Computers and the Internet China had a year of unfettered access to OPM database
Everyone seems to have an excuse -- antiquated computers, slow procurement policies, and the like. The time for decisive action is long overdue.

Computers and the Internet EU plans to hold websites responsible for what users post

News FCC says carriers can block robocalls
Just wait -- this only means more awful calls from spoofed numbers

Computers and the Internet FCC wants to fine AT&T $100 million for lack of transparency on "unlimited" data plans
The carrier says it has to throttle back customers who are responsible for the heaviest use; the FCC says the problem is that can't really be called "unlimited"

June 18, 2015

Computers and the Internet The OPM data breach was a full-blown catastrophy

Computers and the Internet What makes a place attractive to data centers

Business and Finance Strip Andrew Jackson from the $20 and leave Alexander Hamilton prominent on the $10
The plan to put a female figure on the $10 bill (in addition to Hamilton) would be much better-executed by stripping Jackson from the $20. The $20 is a more widely-used bill, so it would put the female figure in wider circulation, and Jackson is a poor representative of the virtues we espouse today (among other things, he was a slave owner and authorized the Indian Removal Act of 1830). Jackson deserves no exalted place in history or on our currency.

The United States of America The nation is fortunate to have Paul Ryan in Congress

Computers and the Internet Ello gets an iOS app

June 17, 2015

Computers and the Internet Samsung Galaxy phones can be hijacked
600 million phones are at risk

News Clean up after yourselves
Protest and free speech are one thing; leaving behind a mess for other people to clean up is quite another

Agriculture North Korea says it's having the worst drought in a century
A nation that lives without creating surplus won't do well in times of shortage

Business and Finance California wants Uber drivers to count as employees, not contractors
That's a direct hit to the company's central business model

Computers and the Internet Former Nokia CEO is leaving Microsoft
He led the sale of the company to Microsoft, and about a year later, he's out

June 16, 2015

Threats and Hazards Why we should assume Russia and China both have the Snowden documents
It might not even require that they have the documents Snowden himself captured -- they may very well have been inside the systems already

Threats and Hazards More nuclear saber-rattling
This nonsense should have ended with the Cold War

Science and Technology Automation to enable fresh groceries in underserved neighborhoods
Automation reduces the cost of delivery and might ultimately make fresh groceries economical (and profitable) to sell in low-income neighborhoods. A robogrocery looks like a very smart application of technology to solve a human problem.

Business and Finance OPEC has no apparent plans to cut back on oil production
When a cartel can't enforce enough production discipline to create an effective price control, nobody should be surprised when everyone instead goes all-out to produce like mad

The United States of America Reagan was packing heat
He carried a gun in a briefcase as President. Maybe he knew they were going to make "Air Force One" and was practicing for his own role.

June 15, 2015

Health UI Hospitals takes small steps toward protecting patients
Too many have taken their own lives simply by jumping off the parking ramps. A sad illustration of our woefully inadequate care for mental wellness.

News Cold War v2.0
Heavy weapons are headed to Europe, and who could blame us for sending them?

Aviation News United leaves passengers in Canadian barracks when plane breaks down
A real disaster for customer serice; a real credit to Canadian hospitality

Health Chicago hockey legend won't enjoy the Blackhawks victory
Whether his dementia is the result of game-related traumatic brain injury or not, it's sad to see people like Stan Mikita lose the capacity to use their minds as in their youth. More research is decidedly needed.

Science and Technology SpaceX opens competition to college students to design Hyperloop pods
They're building a test track and eventually want to see the technology commercialized for 700 mph transportation in a tube

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