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Brian Gongol

October 11, 2015

News If ever there were a case for government to try harder to do better
...it's the heartbreaking way in which American Indians have been treated

Science and Technology Where's the PIN in "chip-and-PIN"?
The whole point of making credit cards more secure is being negated by our failure to use the PIN system. Without the PIN, the chip is really too much just for show.

Business and Finance Union pension funds in big trouble
As with too many pension funds, the problems have been apparent for a long, long time

Business and Finance Good social relations at work
Sure, it's good to have friends at work. But we also should make sure that we're doing "work" in a way that respects the need for people to have "off-work" lives, too.

News Britain's new left-wing party leader is a small-"R" republican
And he may be wrong about a lot, but he's right about that

October 10, 2015

Science and Technology The time for real, deliberate laws and policies on police body cameras is well overdue
The law is way behind the technology, and that's a problem

News Why good people get chased too often out of politics
Tools like Twitter are leading us to behave like rabid pack animals

Computers and the Internet Google gets more search inquiries from mobile devices than from desktops

Health Cigarette smoking is going to kill China

Business and Finance The Donald Trump exit strategy
He's not serious about running for President. He's only in it for as long as it appears to inflate his personal "brand".

October 9, 2015

Business and Finance The Federal Reserve held off raising rates because of the global economic picture
Threading the needle -- raising rates before inflation takes hold, but after the danger to the US economy is gone -- is a challenge nobody in economic history has ever faced with nearly the same heightened stakes. Janet Yellen may need more luck than anyone has ever needed.

Business and Finance Gannett just can't help itself from going back into debt
What a train wreck

Threats and Hazards These are our allies?

Threats and Hazards Whether it's making headlines or not, the refugee crisis continues in Europe
This is the most historically-significant event taking place right now, whether or not it's in the news

Business and Finance Corporate boards are boys' clubs, and that's a problem
Women shouldn't be there as tokens -- they should be there because they're half of the population and are conspicuous by their absence

October 8, 2015

Business and Finance 45% of Americans don't pay income tax

Science and Technology Wind energy now costs the same as coal or natural gas power

Science and Technology Car buyers aren't willing to pay yet for the tools that will make driving safer
Too bad; the costs of crashes are much too high

Business and Finance AB InBev raises offer to buy SABMiller to more than $100 billion

Threats and Hazards Who wants to go to a crime-ridden city for the Olympics?
Rio 2016 may be your chance!