Gongol.com Archives: January 2016

Brian Gongol

January 1, 2016

News Trump supporters aren't really Republicans

It's not conservatism he's selling; it's a lowbrow populism. And it's really just a vanity exercise intended to give him free publicity -- a marketing scheme in which the news media have been utterly complicit. The excuse that he's a serious candidate because people are talking about him is nonsense; even a modestly intelligent and informed interviewer with even the slightest determination to hold him to a Presidential standard could take him down like an Olympic wrestler. That no examples of that come to mind suggests that there aren't enough good interviewers in circulation, and that's a problem for the public good.

News Instead of highly ambitious resolutions, try committing to a small improvement instead

Science and Technology A few technology-related predictions for 2016

News Arlington National Cemetery is running out of space

That, unfortunately, is causing the government to do things like revoking eligibility for the remains of women who served in a paramilitary role during WWII. That just doesn't sit well.

Humor and Good News A year-end summary from "Acrylics and Dinosaurs"

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