Gongol.com Archives: January 2016

Brian Gongol

January 13, 2016

The United States of America Governor Nikki Haley said some tough things that needed to be said

And now there are some real clowns taking shots at her. They are corrosive to principled, reform-oriented conservatism, no matter how "conservative" they claim to be.

Threats and Hazards China's anti-corruption drive is a big red flag

Not red as in Communist, either. At least not predominantly. The country's drive to get rid of "corruption" isn't really about anti-corruption efforts (though they need them). It's almost certainly just an excuse for scapegoating and purges. The grain of truth that corruption exists does not change the fact that an authoritarian government needs to create fear and uncertainty among the people generally in order to stay in power. China is about to get wobbly, especially with an economic slowdown underway. This is just a symptom.

Broadcasting Live viewing is now only half of US television time

That's down from 81% in 2008

Science and Technology Can Germany bring technological skills into the workplace?

Technology isn't just about the possible -- issues like cultural expectations also play a role

News Ricketts family now dominates the rooftops around Wrigley Field

They really should have just scooped them all up back when the team was still terrible -- but perhaps they just didn't have the cash to do it

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