Gongol.com Archives: January 2016

Brian Gongol

January 21, 2016

Science and Technology Caltech claims to have found another planet

And it's a big one

Threats and Hazards China continues cyberwar on the United States

There's zero reason to expect the assaults to end

Science and Technology Solving problems of energy moves a lot of people away from poverty

Cheap, storable, clean energy is pretty much the best thing the world could work on right now

Business and Finance China's central bank keeps pouring money into the financial system there

They have huge reserves, but these are huge moves, too.

Broadcasting FCC wants FM chips activated in cell phones

Didn't know they were there? Almost everyone has them -- they're just not activated.

Computers and the Internet Things not looking smooth for Charter/Time Warner merger

The round-and-round nature of communications industry consolidation looks more like a whole lot of horse-trading than real business-building

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