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Brian Gongol

January 23, 2016

Science and Technology Volvo wants to make its cars "death-proof" by 2020

Now that's an aggressive vision

Health A little more on the Biden cancer "moon shot"

Roundtable sessions are happening. The big question is whether having the Vice President chase a subject is enough to catalyze real progress that wasn't happening already.

Science and Technology What if extraterrestrial life existed, then went extinct?

It's almost surely happened somewhere -- if such a thing is possible. After it emerged on Earth, life began showing a truly stupendous degree of robustness -- it always finds a way to fight its way into even the most inhospitable environments. Is the notion itself of wiping out all life on any planet even plausible, or will evolution always find a way?

Computers and the Internet Pope Francis says text messaging can be a "gift of God"

In a not-altogether-unfamiliar way, he points out that the medium isn't as important as the people using it

Computers and the Internet Maybe Apple is developing a new iPhone. Maybe.

As usual, everything is rumor when it comes to Apple

Broadcasting Show notes - WHO Radio Wise Guys - January 23, 2016

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