Gongol.com Archives: February 2016

Brian Gongol

February 2, 2016

News North Korea claims to be planning a space launch

Never forget that the foundations of all rocket-based space travel are shared with the foundations for intercontinental ballistic missiles. On a related note, China has just released some photos from the Moon.

Science and Technology A $40,000 exoskeleton

Technology may not be able to biologically solve paralysis yet, but it may be able to give people adequate workarounds

Threats and Hazards ISIS/ISIL/QSIL/Daesh claims it's building an "army of the poor"

There's no doubt that poverty and a sense of helplessness can incline some people towards extremism. Strategic global thinking would seek to eliminate the worst of poverty in order to choke off the flow of raw material (that is, frustrated people) to extremist movements.

Computers and the Internet Yahoo tightens its belt with a 15% staff cut

That's no small change -- more than one person in every seven will be let go. The company's press release on the matter calls it "sharpening focus", but digging deeper they claim that they expect to save $400 million a year with the smaller staff.

News The Iowa Caucuses

(Video) In hilarious Taiwanimation

Computers and the Internet The FCC worries about a persistent digital shortfall in rural areas

High-speed broadband Internet access just isn't finding its way into sparsely-populated areas, and that could end up permanently crippling rural areas.