Gongol.com Archives: February 2016

Brian Gongol

February 6, 2016

News Europe's cohesion threatened by refugee crisis

The human toll of the crisis in Syria and surrounding environs is of the greatest magnitude. Dealing with it humanely is a moral imperative. Failing to deal with it assertively could be politically fatal to the EU itself.

News Is the Republican Party undergoing a fundamental realignment?

Parties don't break apart or collapse all that often -- but it does happen from time to time

Humor and Good News Why some people just have that angry look about them

The scientific origins of "RBF"

Iowa Polk County promises $30 million for convention-center hotel

News Chicago's two major newspapers are under common ownership

The majority owner of the Chicago Sun-Times now is the largest shareholder in Tribune Publishing, too

Computers and the Internet Cyberwarfare is a bigger threat than terrorism

And Sen. John McCain wants Silicon Valley to enlist.

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