Gongol.com Archives: March 2016

Brian Gongol

March 6, 2016

Science and Technology Self-healing textile has roots in WWII

The history of the textile industry might actually be the best lens into American industry of all

Computers and the Internet Nook gives up on the UK market

Not every technology survives

Humor and Good News It's a complex comb-over

Explaining the hair on top of the Orange Menace's head

Threats and Hazards Turkish newspaper forcibly overtaken by government

Immediately it turns into a propaganda mouthpiece. And Turkey wants to join the EU.

The United States of America Process matters: Nebraska looks to set the rules for redistricting

Getting that right makes a big difference to getting outcomes that reflect the people represented. Sound, non-partisan, rule-based districting is of enormous importance to a healthy democratic republic.

Iowa Iowa's community college network

A key to the long-term health of civilization and the economy

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