Gongol.com Archives: April 2016

Brian Gongol

April 5, 2016

Aviation News Why Rwanda is going to get drone-based package delivery before your neighborhood

It all boils down to the need for critical supplies and a shortage of safe and reliable transportation options. One may recall the scene from the late "West Wing" episode in which the retiring CJ Cregg responds as follows to an offer of a $10 billion philanthropic grant: "Highways [...] It's not sexy. No one will ever raise money for it. But nine out of ten African aid projects fail because the medicine or the personnel can't get to the people in need. Blanket the continent with highways and then maybe get started on plumbing."

Computers and the Internet Expect more chatbots in your world

Businesses are using artificial intelligence to provide customer service without the human customer-service reps

Computers and the Internet Changes to AP style

The Internet is now just the internet

The United States of America How heterosexual American couples meet

Several key methods of meeting seem to be missing from the data (like "mutual interests"), so the graph itself is suspect. But it still seems to strike a lot of people as true.

Threats and Hazards GAO warns that nobody's in charge of responding to cyberattacks

Once again raising the question: Do we need a dedicated military branch or agency dedicated to cyberwarfare?

Computers and the Internet A peek behind the curtain of startup mythology

There's a point at which people substitute a lot of dignity for impressions of status. Some tech startups exploit that.

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