Gongol.com Archives: April 2016

Brian Gongol

April 11, 2016

Computers and the Internet Britain's Daily Mail may want to buy Yahoo

They would use private-equity money to form a new company, but the essence of the deal would still be the same: An old-media company buying a new-media company to give both a shot at survival.

Science and Technology Toyota working on "guardian angel"

A very clever metaphor for the technologies that will eventually accumulate and lead to self-piloted cars for everybody -- but that in the shorter term will at least ensure higher levels of safety by overriding the stupid decisions and slow reactions of human drivers.

Business and Finance Canadian Pacific gives up on bid for Norfolk Southern

The rail industry is already pretty well-consolidated, so further consolidation may be hard to achieve.

Business and Finance "Returnships" for those returning from job gaps

It's a sign that an economy is healthy if people who leave the workforce need to catch up a bit when they return. That means things are changing and improving. Thus it's smart to have ways to help people rejoin the workforce quickly, and "returnships" may be part of the answer.

Science and Technology Truck platooning is working

The over-the-road freight trucks of the future won't always have individual drivers. Testing is taking place right now in the EU, where trucks use automation to communicate with one another to drive in closely-packed series that move more efficiently and use less road space than individual trucks. It's also supposed to save fuel. Pilot testing is underway in Europe.

The United States of America "Hillary would beat [Trump] from jail"

Tim Miller has a very clever way of looking at things and framing the politics around them. His take on the Presidential race right now is worth a solid 45-minute listen.

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