Gongol.com Archives: April 2016

Brian Gongol

April 14, 2016

Business and Finance Japan's debt spiral

Public debt is now at nearly unsustainable levels -- and when that triggers a reaction, things could get ugly in a hurry

Health "Citizen scientists"

It would be a good thing if all citizens thought about science more often, but "citizen scientists" is a clever title to offer people for participating in an NYU study of baby sleep patterns. The study asks parents to record their baby's sleeping patterns in a widely-used smartphone app -- something many parents were doing with the app already, but by aggregating the data, they can turn it from micro-information (used by the parents) into a macro-study with far more data points than the researchers were ever going to get by handing out paper surveys.

Computers and the Internet EMV credit cards are still slowing down checkout lanes

In the long run, a chip-and-PIN system ought to be highly secure for in-person transactions. But in the short run, the inconsistencies in their rollout and use are driving people crazy at the cash register.

Threats and Hazards Russian jets buzz US Navy warship in the Baltic

It's one thing to show off, and it's another to provoke. This behavior teeters dangerously close to the latter.

Computers and the Internet Great social-engineering attacks in history

We think of social-engineering attacks as a modern online phenomenon, but they've been around forever. And it helps nothing at all when IT people use techniques that are indistinguishable from those of the attackers.

Computers and the Internet Microsoft claims coming Windows 10 update will be good for classrooms

Technology alone doesn't and can't fix problems with education, but viewed as a useful tool, technology may be able to help. The less teachers have to be IT people and the more they can simply use their tools, the better.