Gongol.com Archives: April 2016

Brian Gongol

April 25, 2016

Iowa Doing business on a handshake

The fact it's not unusual to do that in the Midwest is a cultural strength that becomes a business advantage. As noted here in 2010, reputations are highly valuable and much too important to risk in even the largest of Upper Midwestern cities. That keeps people generally on their best behavior.

Business and Finance Gannett offers to buy Tribune Publishing for $815 million

Gannett, freshly off a split from its electronic-media properties, is right back to the behavior that got it into trouble in the first place: Unbridled acquisition. The deal would include a massive pile of debt over at Tribune. Bloomberg estimates that Gannett 12% of the nation's daily newspaper circulation, and Tribune has 5%.

News The ruins of empire

Literally -- the ruins of buildings that once housed the functions of the British Empire

News "He's with me" versus "I'm with her"

An interesting perspective on the durability of Donald Trump's following

Socialism Doesn't Work China shuts down iTunes and Apple bookstore

Beware any government that would shut off the flow of knowledge

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