Gongol.com Archives: May 2016

Brian Gongol

May 10, 2016

Threats and Hazards Here's why you should worry

A major-party Presidential candidate who is all but certain to carry his party's nomination into the general election seems neither to understand the consequences of inflation nor the devastation that would result from a failure to keep the central bank independent. An independent authority over the money supply is a non-negotiable condition for a large, stable economy within a free political system.

Business and Finance Hedge fund managers and their obscene pay

2-and-20: 2% of assets every year, plus 20% of returns year-over-year. That's a huge cut being taken by people who on average are not delivering excess performance.

News Good design matters on things like ballots

Clarity and legibility aren't matters just for graphic designers. They matter to public policy.

The United States of America Is the Libertarian Party failing to capture the moment?

The problem is that the Libertarian Party has far too long been identified with some of its more counter-cultural issues, like the legalization of drugs. The real opportunity right now is for a party in the center of a normal distribution of the population and its political views -- not from some corner of the map of the "world's smallest political quiz". As the parties have drifted apart, they haven't stranded the extremes -- they've stranded the center.

Computers and the Internet Are better e-books coming?

A failure to standardize in a way that crosses over to pure online content has really held back the field

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