Gongol.com Archives: May 2016

Brian Gongol

May 16, 2016

News Speaker Paul Ryan reinvents Kempism for the 21st Century

And there's no way to make up a tenable alliance between his vision of America and the unmitigated, inarticulate goulash of false promises that is Trumpism

Threats and Hazards Nevada Democratic convention turns out-of-control

This is no way to conduct a democracy

Threats and Hazards "[W]e are forced to think how to neutralise the emerging threats to the Russian Federation"

& Those are the words of Vladimir Putin

News College majors and their shortcomings

Computers and the Internet Why you should hold back on sharing reactions on Facebook

The escalation from the plain old "thumbs up" to the multi-dimensional reactions may be nice as an expression from friend to friend, but it also gives a lot more potential information to those who aggregate data about Facebook users for commercial purposes

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